CPAP Desensitization

For some people, a major stumbling block to successful treatment of their sleep-related breathing disorder can be getting used to the CPAP mask. CPAP Desensitization is a process conducted in the Sleep Lab that allows the patient to be gradually introduced to the CPAP mask while awake.

The technologist will begin by helping the patient choose the CPAP mask that makes the patient feel most comfortable. Sleep Centers of Fort Wayne carries many styles of masks in a variety of sizes. The patient will be allowed to hold the mask in position until he or she feels comfortable.

The technologist will then introduce the positive pressure and help the patient acclimate to the new experience. This will assist you in being able to use the mask on a regular basis, allowing it to give you the full benefit of treating your sleep apnea. This process is especially helpful for those who suffer from claustrophobia or other anxiety disorders.

This free service is available to all patients but must be scheduled in advance by calling the Sleep Centers of Fort Wayne at (260) 969-6450.

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