What is BiPAP or Bi-Level machine? BiPAPs, or BiLevels are positive pressure airway devices that offer 2 separate pressure settings that consists of 1 inspiratory pressure and one expiratory pressure. These 2 BiPAP pressure settings are usually separated by a pressure range of 3 cm/H2O to 6 cm/H2O, and example of that would be IPAP of 12 cm/H2O and EPAP of 8 cm/H2O, please note these pressures vary patient to patient. Also available are Auto Bi-Levels or Auto BiPAPs, which will automatically adjust the BiPAP pressures.

Bi-Level Side Note: You may wonder why there are different names such as Bi-Level, BiPAP, VPAP. To clarify, BiPAP is a trademarked name by Philips Respironics, VPAP is a trademark name of ResMed. Bi-Level is the general term for this type of therapy.

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